6 ways to help your child cope with the clocks changing

As October draws to a close, many of us are looking forward to that extra hour in bed when the clocks go back this weekend. Whilst you might be dreaming of that lazy Sunday lie-in, your little ones might have other ideas…

As we know, any disruption to your baby or toddler’s bedtime routine can have a big impact on sleep for the whole family, so here are a few tips to try to make the change as smooth and sleep-full as possible.


Try putting your little ones to bed a little bit later as a special treat. This will help them snooze for longer the next morning, and avoid any sleep disruption.

Night-time rituals

Keep those bedtime rituals the same. Bath time, putting on pyjamas, brushing teeth and night-time stories should all be kept in the same order so your child knows it’s nearly time to go to sleep.

Change the clocks

Once your little one is fast asleep, and before you go to bed, make sure you put the clocks back an hour, so when the family wakes you all know it’s the correct time.

Blackout blinds

If your child loves an early morning then that extra hour of daylight can be a parent’s worst nightmare. Blackout blinds in their room are perfect for blocking out sunlight and will keep them snoozing a little longer.

Encourage them to stay in bed

If your child wakes early, leave some storybooks by their bed and encourage them to stay in bed quietly until it becomes light outside. You could even set an alarm clock to buzz when it’s time to come in and wake you up.

Sunday fun day

Plan a fun day out on Sunday that involves lots of fresh air and exercise for your little one, so when night falls they are ready to head to bed and adjust to the new winter routine.

Sleep is essential for helping little ones stay happy and healthy. If you have any tips on how your family prepares for the clocks changing, let us know here.