Designing a children’s night light that kids can’t wait to switch on. Discover GoGlow® with Andy Bartlett, our Product Design Manager

When Andy started working at Worlds Apart, a GoGlow light was the first product he was involved with – in fact, it was a brand new product for us then too. Ten years on, we’ve asked him to tell you about the family of children’s night lights, torches and pals that he’s helped to create.


Hi Andy, so tell us all about GoGlow!

GoGlow is a range of torches, night lights and light-up plush toys. They’re two-in-one, combining all the usefulness of a light, with the fun and play that makes them great for kids.

When did Worlds Apart make its first GoGlow light?

10 years ago. We hadn’t done much with electronics before, so you could say it was a step into the dark! It was all about finding new suppliers and building up relationships. Since then GoGlow has grown into a successful family of products.

What’s the most important thing to consider when designing a GoGlow?

Children! They are the end users and if we don’t consider them we’re not doing our job. As creatives it’s important that we push the boundaries of what’s possible and never forget that a kid might be unwrapping a GoGlow on Christmas Day.

253MLO01E My Little Pony Go Glow Light_torch_06

What’s special about GoGlow?

It’s like a friend to a child and for that reason it’s reassuring. A child feels ownership over it – it’s better than a plug in night light because they can engage with it. It is something the child wants, at a time when they need to be comforted.

Can a GoGlow help with a child’s development?

There are GoGlow clocks that help with sleep training – parents choose a time for Thomas the Tank Engine to be awake or asleep and the child copies it. Our torches and night lights can also help with bed wetting, as they give a child the confidence to get up and use the toilet in the night.

Tell us about the most recent product – the GoGlow Tilt Torch.

I love the product. It’s got a magic interaction – there is no on or off switch! A child can just pick it up and it turns on automatically, it also turns on if you tap the table. On top of this it looks beautiful and elegant. We spent a long time making sure that it has a clean, uninterrupted light with no shadows. It’s those little things that the consumer only really notices when a product’s not right.

If you had to pick a favourite, which would it be?

The Cars Tilt Torch. The style guide that we used was “Cars at Night”, which really aligned with the product and gave us the opportunity to do some nice things with design – when you turn the torch on, Lightning McQueen lights up.

274CCC01E Cars Go Glow_kid sleeping_04

Have your kids ever had a GoGlow at home?

My kids think I have the coolest job in the world! I bring home toys and my office is full of them. When they were little I took a GoGlow home – it was cool to be able to say I helped to create it.

With lights to soothe late-night wake ups and familiar characters to banish bad dreams, a GoGlow night light, torch or cuddly pal could help everyone get a peaceful night’s sleep. Explore the range here.