Five fun torch games you can play with a GoGlow®

Playful days don’t need to stop when the evenings draw in – especially if there’s still an hour or so until bedtime. Make the most of the lack of light and switch on a GoGlow. As well as soothing late night wake ups and banishing bad dreams, you can use a GoGlow with an added torch element, such as the GoGlow Tilt Torch for fun and games in the dark. Take a look...

253ITG01E In the Night Garden Go Glow Light_TORCH_06

Make the most of the winter weather and see your living room in a whole new (or lack of) light, turn corners into hiding places and make movie nights even more magical. Be sure to move any objects that could be tripped over, out of the way, then try out these five super fun ideas…

Torch treasure hunt
Hide objects around the room (chocolate coins will make it feel more like a treasure hunt), and then let the kids in to see the room for a minute before turning the lights off. Turn on a GoGlow and let the exploring begin. Whoever finds a coin gets to keep (and eat!) it.

Lights out hide n seek
This is a great game to play in the garden when it’s dark. The kids run and hide and the person who is “it” must use their GoGlow to try and find the others in the dark.

Catch the burglar
Sit the kids in a circle and put a chair in the middle with a set of car keys underneath. One child sits on the chair in the middle and then you turn the lights off. The aim of the game is to try and steal the keys from underneath the chair without being caught. The child on the chair can turn their GoGlow if they think they know where the burglar is, but if they don’t get it right the burglar wins!

253ITG01E In the Night Garden Go Glow Light_TORCH_04

Moonlight musical statues
Turn a lamp on so that you have low light in the room. This game is the same as musical statues, but instead of the music stopping you shine a GoGlow on the kids when you want them to stand still. Any kids that keep dancing are ‘out’!

Magic movies
For a quieter night in, make a magical movie night by turning your living room into a cinema. The kids can use their GoGlow to lead everyone to their seats (just like an usher).

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