Toddler sleep problems: Are your little ones afraid of the dark?

The nights are starting to draw in and it won’t be long before the clocks go back an hour. While we’re never going to turn down a little extra sleep (hurrah!), the encroaching evenings did get us thinking about a common toddler sleep problem: being afraid of the dark.

254TUT01E Turtles Battery Go Glow Light - Torch

As part of our Ready for Bed? campaign, we asked parents to tell us about how often they are woken up by their children. Our survey found that during the first three years of their child’s life, parents were woken up an average of three times per night. In fact, parents lose an average of 16 nights’ sleep per month.

Being scared of the dark was one of the reasons parents gave for why their children needed them in the night, so what can we do to help kids feel safe in their bedrooms?

“Creating a bedroom environment that is friendly and familiar can overcome sleep difficulties that often occur at this age, as it will help your little one feel secure and snug.” Mandy Gurney, Children’s Sleep Expert explains.

As parents ourselves, we understand the difference a great night’s sleep can make, so we’ve created products that promote peaceful nights. With a GoGlow night light, torch or cuddly pal by their bedside to soothe a late-night wake-up, your little one will soon see that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Whether you choose a GoGlow night light, torch or pal, they’ve been designed with kids in mind. We have all of their favourites – Thomas, Peppa, Cars, Spider-Man and more – so they’ll feel safe and secure in a room that’s all their own.

Discover some of our GoGlow range below:

Peppa Pig GoGlow Buddy

Brighten up bedtime stories with Peppa. This little wonder will give you the peace of mind you need to pull the door closed as she drifts off to sleep.

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 Disney Princess GoGlow Magic

Sprinkle some Disney magic at bedtime with the Disney Princess GoGlow Magic.  3 in 1 night light, torch and projector will have your little princess drifting off dreaming in no time.

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Spider-Man GoGlow Pal

257SMN01E Spider-Man Go Glow Pal_hold up_04

Spider-Man is here to save the night. He’ll stop scary shadows in their tracks, for a sounder sleep and a better morning all round.

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Still looking for their favourite character? Find the perfect GoGlow night light or cuddly pal by exploring the full range here.