Toddler Sleep Problems

Parents are woken up an average of 2-3 times per night!

As part of our product research, we recently asked a group of parents with young children about their sleeping habits. What we found was that while many people assume children’s sleep problems stop at around the age of two, the reality is very different! When children are aged between 2 and 3 years old, parents are woken up an average of three times a night – that’s only one less time than with a newborn.


There are many reasons why a toddler might wake up in the middle of the night. 16 hours of sleep may be lost a month simply because the toddler doesn’t feel safe in the bedroom environment. Losing a dummy, being scared of the dark and hearing other children walking around were also found to be common reasons.

As two thirds of the couples in our study said broken sleep added stress to their relationship, and seven in ten couples had arguments because of their lack of sleep, we felt that it was important to address this issue.

So what can we do to help?  We asked Mandy Gurney, children’s sleep expert, to offer her advice on sleep problems in children. She told us, “Creating a bedroom environment that is friendly and familiar can overcome sleep difficulties that often occur at this age, as it will help your little one feel secure and snug.” She also said, “If your child is afraid of the dark, offer them the reassurance of a GoGlow night light to have nearby when they need it. You could even play hide and seek using a GoGlow torch, so they realise there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

GoGlow night-lights and torches make bedtime stories even more fun, and they can be popped on the bedside table to soothe late night wake ups.

Your little one could cuddle up with a GoGlow Pal, or switch on a GoGlow Buddy– great for lighting up the dark and offering a reassuring night time glow. If there’s a noise and they wake up startled, their favourite character will be within arm’s reach to comfort them. Mummy and Daddy might get to sleep through, and bedtimes will be better all round.

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Mandy has also written a Toddler Sleep Guide exclusively for us. Inside you’ll find her tried and tested bedtime routine and some advice on how you can make the transition from a cot to a bed a little easier!